Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Launch of Box Social!!

It has been one big labor of love to put Box Social’s website and store together, but is completed and open for business!

On the site you will find the first of a few great Western Canadian artists that we know will grow in numbers over the months and years to come. So far we have a range of ceramic, print, wood and mixed media works for you to peruse by artists such as:

Cathy Terepocki Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Cindy Jaswal Vancouver, BC
Lisa Brawn Calgary, Alberta
Scribble Product Design Calgary, Alberta
Martin Tagseth Lake Lenore, Saskatchewan
Chris Pancoe Winnipeg, Manitoba
Reagan Cole McLean Calgary, Alberta

While their work is definitely for sale, please take the time to check out what they are all about through their Artist Bios and listings on the Events page.

If you are interested in submitting work for sale and/or would like a cultural event listed, please email us at:

mariko or catherine

You can also get a hold of us through the Contact Us page on our website.

Many thanks to our friends at Filament Communications Inc. for all our designing and programming needs! Without that strong grip on your mouse control this would have never looked so great!

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