Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lisa Brawn!! Here, There and Everywhere!

Well, I just got back from a short trip to Vancouver and while they may have a jump on us as far as spring colors go, we at least can look to the skies over Calgary's bridges for our own splash of colorific.

Lisa Brawn, one of our featured Box Social artists, has no less than 7 of Calgary's bridges decorated with banners bearing birds of a feather who've gotten together to brighten our daily commutes. Each of the banner's images have been translated from her techniques of carving 100 year old salvaged wood that are then painted to eye popping completion.

As bucolic as the birds are, her world is filled with work that often straddles the fine line that separates real from surreal and acceptable from absurd. From circus sideshow personalities to characters from Canadiana, from alternative takes on the notion of "Leaders" to epitomizing Telus employees of one seems to escape the fine tooling of Lisa Brawn.

So if you are already in Calgary or are soon to visitng look up...look waaaaayyy up...and check some of the best darned talent this city has to offer..

Flickr: Lisa Brawn