Thursday, March 19, 2009

Horn Tooting!!

Initial Commentary!

Wow just a few hours under our belt and we have had already the best feedback ever!!!

I just couldn't resist doin' a little Box Social horn tooting!!

"It's Beautiful!!! with a capital B! Good Work Ladies!!!" - KW, Calgary

"Its the most inspired web site I've ever come across." LF, Vancouver

"Looks Great Mariko. Nice Website!"
- AH, Calgary

"It's AWESOME!! - DG, Calgary

"Congrats! Looks great." - AL, Calgary

"What a great website and idea! I will be checking it regularly.

Thanks for sending it to me and cheers to your success!!" -LS, Calgary

Wow, first impression of the site is that I love it !!!- JV, Calgary

"Your website looks pretty good guys!" -GW, Calgary

"Awesome site! It is so great to have a site like this that is Canadian!"- PA, Vancouver, BC

"Kick-Ass site!!! woo hooo!!! Wow, I'm impressed... and now I have an idea of how it looks, what's featured on it, etc. Gives me ideas...Very cool." - CR, Calgary

"Congrats on the launch of boxsocial!!!" - KC, Calgary

"website looks awesome!" - TF, Calgary

"This is awsome I am really impressed !!!"- PM, Nanaimo, BC

"Wow, it's beautiful! !!!! congratulations!" LB, Calgary

"Yay! Congrats, the site looks great and I'm so pleased to be part of it!!

Can't wait to pass the link along to all my friends!" - CJ, Calgary

"Web site looks great Mariko and Catherine." - CP, Winnipeg, MB

"Congratulations - this looks wonderful." -PB, Calgary

"I think this is so great." BM, Calgary

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