Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pushing Buttons

Hmmm, I have never been one for intricate or complicated technological advances, but there is something about the pull-n-press simplicity and presto success-o involved in using a button making machine.

Not a small ticket item as far as purchasing $$$$ goes, but hey, I am pretty sure this Wisconsin made beauty will last a lifetime and a half. Heavy and metallic with a giant red lever handle and brushed metal is virtually an art piece in itself. In fact, we have the perfect Herman Miller cabinet to place it on when not in use.

Oh yes, in addition to the multitude of miniature art pieces I'd like to press out, we are using it to make some buttons for our Box Social artists.

You may certainly hound the artists like Lisa Brawn and Martin Tagseth for an autographed one out of their coveted promotional stash or they will be available at upcoming Box Social Events, yes Events, for a more than miniature price.

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